I couldn’t imagine things that Riho will make her US TV network debut in a part of #AEWDynamite even at the start of this year.


Riho had based on Ichigaya Chocolate Square, the “smallest pro-wrestling venue in the world” that is capable only 60 people to be in until she left Gatoh Move in this July.


After a few months, there’s a possibility of millions of people could see her match through #AEWonTNT.
This is just awesome and undoubtedly the biggest point of her career by now.


She achieved many historys in Japan whether japanese media (and also herself) cared about or not.
Starting career in age 8, First time grand slammer of the Ice Ribbon championship in their history, First wrestler in junior high school being a main event on Korakuen Hall.
Those were the achievements in Ice Ribbon age.



After moving to Gatoh Move, Riho always being an ace of the promotion.
And in recent years she has been invited for many asian promotions and became a local star in everywhere.


And now, Riho will be a first woman in 20 years who simultaneously compete on major company in USA and Japanese promotion, on the regular basis.
(Akira Hokuto who competed on WCW seemed to be the previous case)


What makes Riho different from others, in my opinion, is the intuition which choosing the right way in the ring and the determination quickly doing that anytime being at the crossroads.
That’s why she is called the “small monster” in Japanese scene.


Plus one more thing, Riho is not only having a gift of prowrestling polished by experience but her action is embodying the beauty of Joshi style prowrestling.


After “the monster vs the beast”, people like casual wrestling fans will see who Riho is.
Of course, the happiest end for me is Riho will crown the first-ever #AEWWomensWorldChampion.


Anyway, celebrating to Riho’s new voyage, and I wish her life is happier than ever with prowrestling.



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