11月 2019


2019年12月1日 スターダム「GODDESS OF STARS 2019」大阪大会 夜の部 第3試合の試合結果です。
The result of the 3rd match of STARDOM ” GODDESS OF STARS 2019 ” at Osaka on 12/1/2019 nighttime.


里歩 Riho
○スターライト・キッド Starlight Kid
Rounding Flog Splash
上谷沙弥 Saya Kamitani
×星野唯月 Itsuki Hoshino


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2019年12月1日 スターダム「GODDESS OF STARS 2019」大阪大会 昼の部 第5試合の試合結果です。
The result of the 5th match of STARDOM ” GODDESS OF STARS 2019 ” at Osaka on 12/1/2019 daytime.


中野たむ Tam Nakano
鹿島沙希 Saki Kashima
里歩 Riho
○スターライト・キッド Starlight Kid
Ki-chan Bomb
ビー・プレストリー Bea Priestley
渡辺桃 Momo Watanabe
林下詩美 Utami Hayashishita

After the match, Starlight Kid declared to challenge Artist Of Stardom with Hoshiki and Kashima.
On top of that, claimed the title shot for Goddess Of Stardom with Riho.
That was accepted by current champs!

STARDOM Official: Result


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At first, Riho told us she has just enjoyed her Japan stay.
Then her thought goes back to the time when she took on Hikaru Shida on this August at ALL OUT.

「ALL OUT」で志田選手とのシングルマッチでは両国国技館での試合や後楽園ホールでのメインイベントといった13年間のキャリアでも感じたことの無い孤独感があったそうです。
里歩選手はそれを「10,000人ちょっとのお客さん vs 里歩」と表現しています。

There was the huge loneliness she never has been felt even thou through her 13 years experience included felt at the match Ryogoku Sumo Arena or the main event at Korakuen Hall.
She described that feeling as “About 10,000 visitors vs Riho”.


Riho let us in on a secret that she couldn’t stand up after the match.
But overcoming that kind of loneliness made her more confident.

実際に11月に同じペーパービューでやった vsさくらさんとのシングルマッチは「楽しんでやろう」という気持ちで挑むことができましたし!実際楽しむ事ができましたし!」

Riho: The truth is a mystery whether it was released from pressure or took so much damage from the match.
But I was pretty confident that I was able to overcome that loneliness.
In fact, I was able to challenge the singles match with Sakura at Full Gear in November, with the feeling of “Let’s have fun!”
And I actually really enjoyed it!


Finally, The column has concluded by this unique sentence.


Riho: You may seem like I’m a bright person, but I’m fighting with many things because I’m a human.
So that I was fighting laundry today!


2019年11月24日 スターダム「GODDESS OF STARS 2019」セミファイナルの試合結果です。
The result of the semi-final of STARDOM “GODDESS OF STARS 2019” on 11/24/2019.

試合結果 (Result)

岩谷麻優 Mayu Iwatani
×鹿島沙希 Saki Kashima
里歩 Riho
Vertical Suplex
花月 Kagetsu
○葉月 Hazuki
夏すみれ Sumire Natsu

STARDOM Official: Result

写真 (Photos)

2019年11月23日 スターダム「GODDESS OF STARS 2019」セミファイナルの試合結果です。
The result of the semi-final of STARDOM “GODDESS OF STARS 2019” on 11/23/2019.

試合結果 (Result)

○里歩 Riho9:50
エビ固め pinned
×葉月 Hazuki

STARDOM Official: Result / Video

写真 (Photos)


Riho was added to the boarding talent of Chris Jericho Cruise that takes place on Jan. 20-24 2020.

なお、クルーズ中にはAEW Dynamiteの収録が行われる事も発表されています。

There’s also announced that AEW Dynamite is going to broad at the tour.


You can join waiting list for now, though tickets are sold out.


Riho put the column just after coming back to Japan.
This week she has looked back on changes for 4 months since leaving Gatoh Move.


でも今まで平凡のプロレス生活を送っていたせいで、刺激が本当にちくちく刺さるような刺激というか。 』

Riho: Circumstance has significantly changed since July.
Long-term stays in the US and participation in AEW are one of them, and in Japan, I joined Stardom.
Anyway, there were so many people who I never met.

Of course, I had met many people, got stimulation, and that was my joy.
But that stimulation really was the feeling like tingling because I had lived an ordinary wrestling life.


In my opinion, she has experienced “not ordinary” life.
Anyway, dramatic changes of circumstance seemingly gave to Riho stimulations that never had before.


私は安定を求める代表格みたいな性格なんですけど、この4ヶ月くらいでもっと色んな事に挑戦してみたいと思えるようになりました。 』

Riho: What I want to say is to challenge is important.
And I appreciate the circumstance which I can challenge.
I’m a typical person who wants to be stable.
But I’ve gotten my thoughts that I would want to challenge many more things during these 4 months.


Her challenge in the United States and Japan have just begun.
We will continue to watch the growth of Riho players who are undergoing a lot of stimulation and changing as both humans and professional wrestlers.



ビッグ・スワール Big Swole
×クリス・スタットランダー Chris Statlander
Lock jaw○ブリット・ベーカー Britt Baker
里歩 Riho


The weekly column “Riho’s dressing room” on the Weekly Pro wrestling mobile has updated with the article named “Things never changed in 13 years”.
In there, she wrote about her thoughts and the relation ship Emi Sakura after leaving Gatoh Move.

Below is the excerpt.


When Riho started to appear on AEW, she often cried by feeling the pressure that has never been before and the loneliness.
Sakura always relieved her by talking words that made Riho feel at ease.


Riho said about that relationship in her words.

That was not because I left the company, but it has been the case for the last 13 years.
I couldn’t see it because it was natural.


At the end of the article, Riho express Sakura as this.

“The person who I respect the most, who I don’t want to lose the most and I want to see my growth the most”

Full Gearでのタイトルマッチを巡るストーリーで世界に闘いの場を移した後、師弟は同時に最高のライバルでもあるという新しい時代へ突入したようです。

After their battle field moves to the world during the stories about the title match, it seems that the teacher and the student have entered a new era that they are also the best rivals.
I’m looking forward what is the next of their still going story.


試合結果 (Result)

AEW Women’s World Championship

○里歩 Rihoくるくるリボン
Kuru Kuru Ribbon
×さくらえみ Emi Sakura

AEW Official Result

There was a video segment Riho & Sakura talked about the match and include clips from Ichigaya Chocolate Square.

Riho made her first her title defence!

Screenshot from AEW Full Gear 07
Screenshot from AEW Full Gear 07


They were shaking hands with a smile after the match.
The mentor Emi Sakura, praised her favorite pupil Riho.



From the perspective of the fan who has supported the world made by Emi Sakura, this match was the biggest accomplishment of Emi’s dream that people around the world look at the story between Emi Sakura and Riho.


But if focusing the story on the Riho side, it is a prologue because she was just beginning a new way.
So it is worth everything for Riho to defend AEW women’s world title by defeating her mentor, and the match itself described a strong message to step beyond the past to the future.


On the other hand, the mild reaction from fans in the venue might be the point to be improved.
Emi Sakura vs Riho is definitely a high-level and good match, but it seems to be hard for American fans to take reactions because they tend to prefer flashy actions.
If Riho would grow the skill to communicate with fans through the match, her popularity probably will become even more solid.


Anyway, congratulations Riho for defending your title!!