Rolling Stone Japan recently published the interview for Riho.
Below is the first half of English translation.

※ この記事はローリングストーンジャパンによる里歩選手へのインタビューの英訳です。

Riho: I actually look like a kid in oversea rosters.
Making people think outside the box by my matches is a great joy.

Is there any difference between competing with overseas wrestlers and Japanese wrestlers?

Riho: There was no particular difficulty for AEW matches.
Mr. Kenny told me that he wanted to show Japanese Joshi style to the world, thus I was trying not to remind being in overseas matches.

By the way, I heard that AEW are getting make-up artists and stylist ready for rosters?

Riho: That’s sure, but many rosters from Japan tend to wear makeup themselves.
If I leave it to the makeup of them, it looks like to be an American, so it will not be my face.
Only Miss Sakura could dare to ask for makeup every time.

Right after mentioned the name, Emi Sakura, who is also participating in AEW and known as one of the best geniuses in pro wrestling, is indispensable for talking about you.
She is responsible for was making you a pro wrestler.

Riho: I met her the first time when I was in the 2nd grade.
At that time, Miss Sakura has opened the action gymnastics class for kids and seeing flyers was the beginning of everything.

Were you interested in professional wrestling at that time?

Riho: Actually, I didn’t even know it existed, so I didn’t know Sakura either.
Starting the class by believing that was a genuine gymnastics, then I was in the ring at age 9 without realizing it. [laugh]

Isn’t it like a trick? [laugh]

Riho: I didn’t even know that.
That was like a continuation of learning, it might have been like a piano recital for ordinary children.
When years belonging to Ice Ribbon that established by Sakura, I think I’ve been competing like that for a long time now.
To tell the truth, I really considered retirement when she left.
I was growing up watching Sakura in pro wrestling since my debut, so I really had no idea what I do without her.

Therefore you joined Gatoh Move that was the next company founded by Sakura.
From the fan’s perspective, your match seemed dramatically changed after joining Gatoh Move and altering the ring name to the current one.

[Notice] Riho changed her ring name from Hiragana letter to Kanji in Japanese after 2 months she joined Gatoh Move.

Riho: I never thought about pro wrestling seriously in Ice Ribbon age.
Because I just was thinking that all I should do is what I was told.

You were in standing out position, but I would say you were quite like a joker.

Riho: Me, that kind of person, suddenly put to the position of the ace of Gatoh Move because there were few members.
Then, after all, I have to think and act on my own.

You got the awareness as an ace.

Riho: Adding to that, It was great that I could have a junior who I had been taking care of.
I think I’ve grown a lot personally through the experience of nurturing the pro wrestler named Kotori who felt like a sister for me and retired in 2017.


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