DDT Ultimate Party 2019

DDT held the previous day event for DDT “Ultimate Party 2019”.
Riho joined a part of its open conference and talked about the dramatic dream match against Antonio Honda & Miyu Yamashita.
Kenny was scheduled for that but was not there due to the flight cancelation.

Photos (写真)

During their conversation, Riho complained to the past actions from Antonio and Yamashita for the match.
Riho: I watched previous conferences, but they only referred to Kenny. I don’t want to be a just add-on for him.

Japanese wrestling fans especially loving NJPW want to see the style of “The Cleaner”.
But the upcoming match is intergender one, Riho will obviously take an important part to show the difference.
I believe she can do it.

By the way, the most part of the conference was fulfilled with talking memories of good old Ichigaya days between Riho and Antonio.
That’s good to end pro wrestling match preview in a very peaceful atmosphere.


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