12月 2019


2019年12月14日 スターダム「GODDESS OF STARS 2019」横浜大会 メインイベントの試合結果です。
The result of the main event of STARDOM ” GODDESS OF STARS 2019 ” at Yokohama on 12/14/2019.

試合結果 (Result)

ゴッデス・オブ・スターダム選手権試合 (Goddesses Of Stardom Championship Match)

○小波 Konami
ジャングル叫女 Jungle Kyona
Final Lancer
里歩 Riho
×スターライト・キッド Starlight Kid

Stardom Official: Result / Video

写真 (Photos)


Riho & Starlight Kid’s story started in July as a feud over the High-Speed Championship from the Korakuen Hall show.
They are now building a bond beyond the rival position after officially started their team during the previous “Goddess Of Stardom” tag league.


Of the 20 games that Riho fought in Stardom during the four months from August 10th to December 1st, 13 games were organized on the same match with Kid, of which she faced the match as a tag partner. 11 games.


Riho & Kid is also growing rapidly as a tag team, in proportion to the density of the fact that there had more tag team matches than the champion team in the period.


Riho & Kid takes their maneuvers in a brilliant figure and that would fascinate you.
In particular, Riho’s beautiful moves combines with the powerfulness is unmistakable even in Stardom.


The fighting spirit hidden in their small body are another highlight.
In this regard, I feel that the Kid’s strength of spirits that cannot be imagined from the appearance drives force of the tag.


In 2020, Stardom will enter a major period of change.
If two people who have a strong heart in a small body become the faces of a tag, I wonder if we can draw a new female professional wrestler image that will surprise those who do not know female professional wrestling.


A tag championship match that is suitable for ending the year in Japan for Riho who stepped into the new stage.
I want Riho & Kid to become the new champions and fly to a next big stage in 2020.

Riho at STARDOM GODDESS OF STARS 2019 Shinkiba 09


2019年12月8日 スターダム「GODDESS OF STARS 2019」新木場大会 第5試合の試合結果です。
The result of the 5th match of STARDOM ” GODDESS OF STARS 2019 ” at Shinkiba on 12/8/2019.

星輝ありさ Arisa Hoshiki
鹿島沙希 Saki Kashima
里歩 Riho
スターライト・キッド Starlight Kid
Ki-chan Bomb
ビー・プレストリー Bea Priestley
渡辺桃 Momo Watanabe
林下詩美 Utami Hayashishita

STARDOM Official: Result

写真 (Photos)

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