1月 2020


試合結果 (Result)

STARDOM OSaka Evening 20200111
STARDOM OSaka Evening 20200111
岩谷麻優 Mayu Iwatani
星輝ありさ Arisa Hoshiki
○中野たむ Tam Nakano
里歩 Riho
どどん.tam → 片エビ固め
ビー・プレストリー Bea Priestley
渡辺桃 Momo Watanabe
林下詩美 Utami Hayashishita
×小野崎玲緖 Leo Onozaki

STARDOM Official: Result

写真 (Photo)


STARDOM OSaka Noon 20200111
○里歩 Riho丸め込み → 片エビ固め
×アンドラス宮城 Andras Miyagi

STARDOM Official Result / Video

That was a authentic japanese style match.
You can see Riho’s technical side on this battle.
I recommend to see it.

写真 (Photo)

Riho on STARDOM OSAKA 20200111 Noon 13
Riho on STARDOM OSAKA 20200111 Noon 13

試合結果 (Result)

○里歩 Rihoエビ固め
※Awesome Kongの介入から
Pinned after interference by Awesome Kong
×クリス・スタットランダー Kris Statlander

Awesome KongがKris選手の足を引っ張ったところを丸め込んだ里歩選手がタイトル防衛しましたが、不本意な試合だったのではないでしょうか。
The match was interfered by Nightmare Collective then it went to the chaos.
Riho defened her title by pinning Kris after Awesome Kong pulled her leg, but I guess that was an unwilling win.

試合後も二人に襲い掛かるナイトメア・コレクティブを制するため、志田選手とBig Swole選手もリングへ。
Nightmare Collective brawled Riho and Kris after the match.
Shida and Big Swole was into the ring to relief them.
Nightmare Collective’s disturbing move is likely to push the AEW Women’s Division into a new phase.

Riho wrote about her goal of 2020 in the article on Weekly Prowrestling Mobile.

Looking back on her situation until last year, she wrote:

Until now I was in a promotion like a family including fans, so the relationship with fans hadn’t been cheered like a star and was supported by them.

And what is the goal of 2020?

My career comes to 14 years this year, so I want to be a wrestler who can smartly say “Follow me” to everyone.
That might be a goal not for this year’s one but as a prowrestler!

Let’s keep up with Riho, who is running faster than last year as AEW grows, in 2020!

試合結果 (Result)

AEW Women's wolrd championship 4way match on Jacksonville
○里歩 Rihoジャックナイフ式エビ固め×ブリット・ベーカー Britt Baker
志田光 Hikaru Shida
ナイラ・ローズ Nyla Rose

After the match, Nyla Rose attacked Riho from behind and crashed with the table.

Also later in the show Britt Baker appeared during the interview segment with Riho, then accused Riho that she stole her win.

見事に防衛した里歩選手は、来週も新たな強豪Kris Statlander選手との防衛戦が決定。
Following this result, AEW Women’s Championship match that Kris Statlander takes on Riho will set for next week.
The AEW women division has begun to fight intensely, but I believe Riho will extend her defense record.

Riho vs Kris Statlander AEW Dynamite 20200108
Riho vs Kris Statlander AEW Dynamite 20200108