Riho did Q&A in her column on Weekly Pro-wrestling mobile in recent weeks.
She answered open questions from fans by using hashtag #りほの控え室へ質問.
This is the English translation for fans outside of Japan.


Who do you have a good friendship with any wreslter?

Riho: Anyway, when I saw a wrestler who came from overseas and tweeted in Japanese, I heavily tend to see myself going to the US in him. And feel “He is also doing his best in Japanese, so I must do my best in English.”

Your older sister Seina is the wrestler in the past, did your sister relationship change between then and now?

Riho: Nothing has changed! We only have been an adult!
When both of us were active, we were little children, so we often quarreled and bothered the adults around us.
Now, we don’t quarrel at all. She always understands me as she was a former player and give me advice objectively from the view of working adults. So I usually have a talk about everything with her first.

How is your feeling about work with Nyla?

Riho: She is big, strong, and has many things I haven’t so that’s very exciting. But I don’t like her.

What is your favorite costume you’ve ever worn?

Riho: Always making costumes so that I can say that I like the latest one the most!

Is there a country you haven’t visited yet that you would like to play professional wrestling with?

Riho: Venice, Italy (I just want to go)

What do you want to do first after the self-restraint period?

Riho: The adorable answer is “I want to go to Disney Resort.” My real answer is I want to remake glasses that have become loose due to wearing too much during the self-restraint period.

What is your favorite prowrestling match that you had last year?

Riho: 10/2 which I won AEW’s belt and 8/10 which I won Stardom’s belt the first time I was on their ring. Both are special to me! I love both AEW and Stardom.

I love plain clothes that you post on Instagram and etc.
Could you tell me about your fashion style?

Riho: I always keep in mind putting on clothes that I want to wear rather than the one fit for me.
That’s whether it could get me to feel upbeat or not in a nutshell.


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