6月 2020


7/23 DDT後楽園ホール大会で里歩選手のKO-D6人タッグ選手権への挑戦が決定しました!

Riho is going to challenge KO-D 6 men tag Championship at DDT Korakuen Hall show on 23rd July!


Antonio Honda who claimed his title shot called out Riho as the one of his partner.
And another one is HARASHIMA who gave Riho instruction in Soumatou!


Riho crowned 6 men title in DDT 10 years ago.



If it is a tag with two players who are closely related, it will be realistic to be crowned with DDT for the first time in 10 years and to win the first KO-D title.
Also, it is a highlight of the title match that all three wrestlers of the champion and Riho will meet in the ring first time.

会場に足を運べない方もWRESTLE UNIVERSEで、里歩選手を応援しましょう!

This match will be the first tournament with an audience announced after the self-restraint period.
If you can’t go to the venue, let’s support Satoho on WRESTLE UNIVERSE!

3月のAEW Dynamite以来、実に4ヶ月ぶりの試合です。
Riho will join Nico Nico Pro-wrestling TV show. We would see her match first-ever since March!

里歩&中森華子&朱里 vs 真琴&朱祟花&小林香萌
Riho & Hanako Nakamori & Syuri vs Makoto & Asuka(VENY) & Kaho Kobayashi!

The broadcast will be scheduled on 7/4 or 7/5. You can subscribe below link.

Riho put her thoughts about her 14th Anniversary of Pro-wrestling career on Weekly Pro-wrestling mobile.
This is the English translation for fans outside of Japan.

この記事は里歩選手が週刊プロレスモバイルのコラム「りほの控え室」に投稿したデビュー14周年にまつわる感想の一部英訳になります。 日本の方はぜひ会員登録してご覧ください。

I came to 14th anniversary from my debut in few days ago. Congratulations? Thank you!

I thought I would quit in multiple times. The time I had most serious consideration might be in 3rd years of junior high school.

The adults who were thinking about it somehow do not say it in words, but I think they taught me that wrestling is fun in various ways. Maybe I just feel like it.

In those days, of course, it was fun when I had a match. But that was only fun. It was a time when I completely lost sight of my goals and the future.

At that time, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Ms.Sakura about the future. She talked a lot about my future. What do you want to do? Why not work hard in this way? etc. So I decided to work hard with Ms.Sakura once again. (At that time I was vaguely thinking. Now I think back, I think I was probably thinking this in my head.)

If I did quit at that point, I think I would go to a certain high school then got employed normally and worked there. I might think about Pro-wrestling that I would say “Ah, there was something I did somehow.”

I didn’t quit, then I can have so much fun and feel so happy now. And each one of you still has supported me.

I’m glad I’ve to keep Pro-wrestling! Thank you for finding me!