Riho put her thoughts about her 14th Anniversary of Pro-wrestling career on Weekly Pro-wrestling mobile.
This is the English translation for fans outside of Japan.

この記事は里歩選手が週刊プロレスモバイルのコラム「りほの控え室」に投稿したデビュー14周年にまつわる感想の一部英訳になります。 日本の方はぜひ会員登録してご覧ください。

I came to 14th anniversary from my debut in few days ago. Congratulations? Thank you!

I thought I would quit in multiple times. The time I had most serious consideration might be in 3rd years of junior high school.

The adults who were thinking about it somehow do not say it in words, but I think they taught me that wrestling is fun in various ways. Maybe I just feel like it.

In those days, of course, it was fun when I had a match. But that was only fun. It was a time when I completely lost sight of my goals and the future.

At that time, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Ms.Sakura about the future. She talked a lot about my future. What do you want to do? Why not work hard in this way? etc. So I decided to work hard with Ms.Sakura once again. (At that time I was vaguely thinking. Now I think back, I think I was probably thinking this in my head.)

If I did quit at that point, I think I would go to a certain high school then got employed normally and worked there. I might think about Pro-wrestling that I would say “Ah, there was something I did somehow.”

I didn’t quit, then I can have so much fun and feel so happy now. And each one of you still has supported me.

I’m glad I’ve to keep Pro-wrestling! Thank you for finding me!


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