Riho put her thoughts about her 14th Anniversary of Pro-wrestling career on Weekly Pro-wrestling mobile.
This is the English translation for fans outside of Japan.

この記事は里歩選手が週刊プロレスモバイルのコラム「りほの控え室」に投稿したデビュー14周年にまつわる感想の一部英訳になります。 日本の方はぜひ会員登録してご覧ください。

I came to 14th anniversary from my debut in few days ago. Congratulations? Thank you!

I thought I would quit in multiple times. The time I had most serious consideration might be in 3rd years of junior high school.

The adults who were thinking about it somehow do not say it in words, but I think they taught me that wrestling is fun in various ways. Maybe I just feel like it.

In those days, of course, it was fun when I had a match. But that was only fun. It was a time when I completely lost sight of my goals and the future.

At that time, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Ms.Sakura about the future. She talked a lot about my future. What do you want to do? Why not work hard in this way? etc. So I decided to work hard with Ms.Sakura once again. (At that time I was vaguely thinking. Now I think back, I think I was probably thinking this in my head.)

If I did quit at that point, I think I would go to a certain high school then got employed normally and worked there. I might think about Pro-wrestling that I would say “Ah, there was something I did somehow.”

I didn’t quit, then I can have so much fun and feel so happy now. And each one of you still has supported me.

I’m glad I’ve to keep Pro-wrestling! Thank you for finding me!

Riho wrote about her goal of 2020 in the article on Weekly Prowrestling Mobile.

Looking back on her situation until last year, she wrote:

Until now I was in a promotion like a family including fans, so the relationship with fans hadn’t been cheered like a star and was supported by them.

And what is the goal of 2020?

My career comes to 14 years this year, so I want to be a wrestler who can smartly say “Follow me” to everyone.
That might be a goal not for this year’s one but as a prowrestler!

Let’s keep up with Riho, who is running faster than last year as AEW grows, in 2020!


At first, Riho told us she has just enjoyed her Japan stay.
Then her thought goes back to the time when she took on Hikaru Shida on this August at ALL OUT.

「ALL OUT」で志田選手とのシングルマッチでは両国国技館での試合や後楽園ホールでのメインイベントといった13年間のキャリアでも感じたことの無い孤独感があったそうです。
里歩選手はそれを「10,000人ちょっとのお客さん vs 里歩」と表現しています。

There was the huge loneliness she never has been felt even thou through her 13 years experience included felt at the match Ryogoku Sumo Arena or the main event at Korakuen Hall.
She described that feeling as “About 10,000 visitors vs Riho”.


Riho let us in on a secret that she couldn’t stand up after the match.
But overcoming that kind of loneliness made her more confident.

実際に11月に同じペーパービューでやった vsさくらさんとのシングルマッチは「楽しんでやろう」という気持ちで挑むことができましたし!実際楽しむ事ができましたし!」

Riho: The truth is a mystery whether it was released from pressure or took so much damage from the match.
But I was pretty confident that I was able to overcome that loneliness.
In fact, I was able to challenge the singles match with Sakura at Full Gear in November, with the feeling of “Let’s have fun!”
And I actually really enjoyed it!


Finally, The column has concluded by this unique sentence.


Riho: You may seem like I’m a bright person, but I’m fighting with many things because I’m a human.
So that I was fighting laundry today!



Riho put the column just after coming back to Japan.
This week she has looked back on changes for 4 months since leaving Gatoh Move.


でも今まで平凡のプロレス生活を送っていたせいで、刺激が本当にちくちく刺さるような刺激というか。 』

Riho: Circumstance has significantly changed since July.
Long-term stays in the US and participation in AEW are one of them, and in Japan, I joined Stardom.
Anyway, there were so many people who I never met.

Of course, I had met many people, got stimulation, and that was my joy.
But that stimulation really was the feeling like tingling because I had lived an ordinary wrestling life.


In my opinion, she has experienced “not ordinary” life.
Anyway, dramatic changes of circumstance seemingly gave to Riho stimulations that never had before.


私は安定を求める代表格みたいな性格なんですけど、この4ヶ月くらいでもっと色んな事に挑戦してみたいと思えるようになりました。 』

Riho: What I want to say is to challenge is important.
And I appreciate the circumstance which I can challenge.
I’m a typical person who wants to be stable.
But I’ve gotten my thoughts that I would want to challenge many more things during these 4 months.


Her challenge in the United States and Japan have just begun.
We will continue to watch the growth of Riho players who are undergoing a lot of stimulation and changing as both humans and professional wrestlers.



The weekly column “Riho’s dressing room” on the Weekly Pro wrestling mobile has updated with the article named “Things never changed in 13 years”.
In there, she wrote about her thoughts and the relation ship Emi Sakura after leaving Gatoh Move.

Below is the excerpt.


When Riho started to appear on AEW, she often cried by feeling the pressure that has never been before and the loneliness.
Sakura always relieved her by talking words that made Riho feel at ease.


Riho said about that relationship in her words.

That was not because I left the company, but it has been the case for the last 13 years.
I couldn’t see it because it was natural.


At the end of the article, Riho express Sakura as this.

“The person who I respect the most, who I don’t want to lose the most and I want to see my growth the most”

Full Gearでのタイトルマッチを巡るストーリーで世界に闘いの場を移した後、師弟は同時に最高のライバルでもあるという新しい時代へ突入したようです。

After their battle field moves to the world during the stories about the title match, it seems that the teacher and the student have entered a new era that they are also the best rivals.
I’m looking forward what is the next of their still going story.


週刊プロレス 2019年 11/13号に10月27日 スターダム新木場大会 里歩&スターライト・キッドvs小波&ジャングル叫女の試合レポートが掲載されています。

Riho & Starlight Kid vs Konami & Jungle Kyona on 10/27 STARDOM Shinkiba show was reported by Weekly Pro-wrestling issue #2037.



週刊プロレス 2019年11/6号に、10/19大阪大会で行われた岩谷麻優&鹿島沙希vs里歩&スターライト・キッドの試合レポートが掲載されています。

Mayu Iwatani &Saki Kashima vs Riho & Starlight Kid on the Stardom’s last Osaka evening show has reported by Weekly Pro-wrestling Issue #2036.


They also picked a comment from Riho about the first match with Iwatani.


I’ve been really interested in Mayu Iwatani, but today is a tag team match, so I think I couldn’t go to the place where I can feel Iwatani, so today I was looking forward to it, so I felt that it was carried over.


Weekly Pro-wrestling announced that a new weekly article series named “Riho’s dressing room” that will be written by Riho herself is going to start on their mobile website from November 8th.
That was a part of the renewal of “Daily Wrestler’s Column”.


There are two types of a member account, the Mobile member can access only mobile content, on the other hand, the Premium member can read an eBook version of Weekly Pro-wrestling.
Both members can reach “Daily Wrestler’s Column”.


Even during the time in Gatoh Move, Riho has been showing off sentences that are sometimes combined with narratives that are not decorated, but sometimes analyzed from a sharp point of view.
In this series, it seems that we can know the behind-the-scenes from various activities by her word.

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Riho revealed the deal with AEW on her interview by Weekly Pro-Wrestling.


Below are some excerpts from the interview

Riho: 最優先がAEWで、日本ではスターダムという感じでやっていく事になりそうです。
The top priority is AEW, and in Japan, it will be Stardom.
I don’t know if it would be an announcement, because AEW is a too big company.

Do you frequently fly over there(United States)?

Riho: スターダムは(興行のうちの)70、80%しか出られないんですけど、でも、AEWはスターが集まっているリングなので、吸収できるものがたくさんあるし、自分のいままで見てなかった世界なので、すごく楽しいです。
I can wrestle in Stardom at 70% for 80% of their schedule.
AEW is the ring where stars are gathered, so there are a lot of things that I can absorb and really fun because it’s a world I have never seen before.

Will there be more matches (at AEW) in the future?

Riho: 増えると思います。
I think it will increase.
Since TV broadcasting will start in October, I think that the AEW match itself is once a week.

Is there no time to return to Japan?

Riho: でも全部じゃなくて、1週間ちょっといたら2試合できる計算なので。
But that is not all.
It is expected to compete for two matches in a week and a little.
I’ll be over there (United States) for about a week a month.

Until the end of September, she will be in Tokyo Women’s Pro-Wrestling and DDT.
After October, her schedule likely fills up by the AEW and Stardom matches.
It is not certain whether it is an exclusive contract.

The interview includes the impression of Stardom, the thoughts just before leaving Gatoh-Move, the future prospects and various topics from Riho.