2019年8月10日 スターダム “STARDOM × STARDOM 2019”(後楽園ホール)で行われたハイスピード選手権試合の試合結果
The result from High Speed Championship match at “STARDOM × STARDOM 2019” (Korakuen Hall) on 8/10/2019

試合結果 (Result)

ハイスピード選手権試合 (High Speed Championship match)

○里歩 Riho蒼魔刀→片エビ固め
スターライト・キッド Starlight Kid


Official Link: STARDOM “STARDOM × STARDOM 2019”

写真 (Photos)

Riho with High Speed Championship
Riho with High Speed Championship

From SNS

AEW official account celebrated Riho’s winning
Stardom President Rossy Ogawa said Riho’s joining was exciting in many ways.
Stardom referee Barb Sasaki who worked together Riho in Ice Ribbon age met her again in the ring after nearly 10 years.

寸評 (Thoughts)

そして 様々な試合経験で培われた鋭い状況判断力という大きな武器を活かして勝利!

After a month from leaving the home, Riho’s first match in Japan got attention from various media.
With very tough enemy DEATHyama-san(Kaori Yoneyama) who fought against Riho many times in Gatoh-Move and new opponent Starlight Kid, Riho fights a breathtaking match that doesn’t feel as short as 5 minutes.
And the ability to make a decision cultivated from experience in various matches made Riho win!
It was a great start and Riho showed her strength to Stardom fans.

5★STAR GPに参加せず、まだユニットに加わるかどうかも分からない状況なので、団体の中で存在感を示す上でハイスピード王座獲得は大きな意味を持つんじゃないかと思う。

Riho don’t enter the 5STAR GP at this time and it’s still unclear whether or not to join the unit, so I think that winning the High Speed Championship has a big meaning in showing the presence in the promotion.
Looking forward to seeing when Riho will be fighting against players who will symbolize Stardom.